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A potted history of cloud computing

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This article provides some insights into the evolution for ‘cloud computing’ although we all know it has been around for sometime with different titles and names.

One glaringly obvious ommision is the fact that without the cost, reliability and availability of affordable connectivity it would still be the preserve of large corporates.

So perhaps there should be a middle section inserted to give thanks to the tireless work being carried out to increase the speed and effectiveness of being able to connect to the internet without having massive personal investment.

A potted history of cloud computing • The Register.

We will be putting up a short guide to current cloud terms and what they actually mean to the user.

And if your interested in what connectivity you can get and what cloud services may help you then contact us, we’d be happy to help.



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BT calls on Ofcom for more level pricing in wholesale broadband sector

March 4, 2014 in Cloud, Connectivity, Ethernet, VoIP for business, VPLS by   |  No Comments

I wonder whether BT are really fighting for the smaller providers, masking the real reasons for their request.

Competition is a good thing but at the same time it seems to have introduced a ‘race to the bottom’ mentality which is not really sustainable in the long term.

At some point the consumer and supplier need to accept that there are certain costs of delivering, maintaining and supporting a service.

All that we have seen happen in reality is suppliers advertising ridiculous headline prices with imposed conditions to try and maintain those margins. The net effect has been, in general, a poorer service level and quality of connectivity.

BT calls on Ofcom for more level pricing in wholesale broadband sector.

The primary advantage has been an acceleration in developments for fibre broadband and Ethernet services which has been a massive benefit to business users, lowering the cost of entry to more stable and reliable methods of connectivity to run applications which traditionally where the preserve of enterprise organisations with large budgets.

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