In many cases, the move to cloud computing is being driven by the need to provide services that can be accessed by any and all devices, such as laptops or smartphones. There is an increasing demand for services that can reside in the cloud and reach employees, partners and customers anywhere and anytime.

Cloud comes in many forms such as SAAS (software as a service), a simple way to view this is using the internet to access software on hardware in a datacentre that you only have to pay for what you use and need. This provides the massive benefit of not buying more than you need and ensuring all of the relevant updates and security patches are in place, leaving you to continue with your business worry free.

An overview is below.

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PowerNet Value
  • 80MB
  • Static IP
  • Free Installation
SMB Special
  • Phone Line
  • Free UK Calls
  • Broadband
SMB VoIP Value
  • UK/NonGeo number
  • Voicemail
  • Call Forwarding
  • RSS News