Cloud Ready Connectivity

Not only do you benefit from a competitively priced monthly access fee, but also from the Image:global networkmany unique price reductions our network can bring with our cloud ready connectivity services:

  •  Consolidating voice, video and data services across one connection means you get a flatter and easier-to manage network, reducing the day-to-day technical and administrative burden placed on your staff
  •  Our installation process is a simple ‘plug-and-play’, doing away with expensive hardware and set-up costs and the need to hire specialist deployment engineers, keeping your switching costs to a minimum
  •  Adaptable and scalable, our infrastructure can easily grow with your requirements, without expensive future outlays

Other key benefits of PowerNet

  •  High availability backed up by strict SLAs (99.9 per cent as standard, extendable to 99.999 per cent)
  •  Extensive peering arrangements with the world’s major Internet content providers minimises network latency to just one routing hop away
  •  PowerNet is fully managed with our Demarcation Device and 24/7/365 technical support for “around the clock” assistance if required
  •  Full IPv4 and IPv6 compliance means you can continue to communicate with all customers and suppliers when IPv4 addresses run out
  •  Option for RJ45 enhanced wires-only service
  •  Voice VLANs to SIP providers-true toll quality service.


Full flexibility to choose your own specialist ICT providers

Even though you can choose from our suite of extra services, this does not tie you in to using Complete IP Solutions as a provider of further services you may wish to subscribe to, both now and in the future because PowerNet is a truly agnostic service.

 The Building Block to other Services

PowerNet acts as a building block to a number of products and services that can be turned on at the flick of a switch.

Business Continuity & DR

Business-critical functions are increasingly driven by IT as more and more businesses work around-the-clock. Business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) have become one of the most important aspects of ICT planning. Due to this, we have developed a range of products to support our customers’ business continuity, data backup and recovery, data audit, collocation and workplace recovery services.

Smart Connection

Complete IP Solutions has been designing and deploying complex,bespoke network solutions for our clients’ virtualisation and/or cloud based solutions. These services include Managed Hosting, Application Management, Virtualisation and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Application Awareness & Assurance

Complete IP Solutions application performance manager (APM) enables clients to see, and directly control, the application-level traffic running across their Internet connection using a self-service portal; without any need for additional hardware. This allows customers to fully optimise their Internet for cloud service delivery.


Our network security solutions will be attractive to organisations wanting to take advantage of the latest technology available to control security risks; whether for users accessing the corporate network remotely or to protect your internal systems from attack.

Example services which Complete IP Solutions offer in terms of security are MessageLabs Symantec Hosted Services, Managed Virtualised Firewall and DDoS Mitigation.

Choose services from your specialist ICT providers

Due to the converging flexibility of PowerNet Premium, you can subscribe to services from your choice of trusted ICT supplier. This gives you total flexibility to pick and choose services from whoever you want, without the need to buy more connectivity if you want to use more than one supplier, or subscribe to a new service.

Complete IP Solutions partner with many of the interconnected services and so can provide end-to-end management and billing if convenient – such as for our SIP and Hosted VoIP services – ensuring a holistic approach to the solution. Avoiding needing multiple contracts and contact points.



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PowerNet Value
  • 80MB
  • Static IP
  • Free Installation
SMB Special
  • Phone Line
  • Free UK Calls
  • Broadband
SMB VoIP Value
  • UK/NonGeo number
  • Voicemail
  • Call Forwarding
  • RSS News