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PowerNet Value is Complete IP Solutions superfast fibre broadband service VDSL, it offers the fastest speeds at the lowest cost. It provides an excellent stepping stone before getting to a full Ethernet service, allowing your business to do more but without significant investment.

VDSL2, the next generation of broadband service, has now been fully launched by Complete IP Solutions providing speeds of up to 80Mb downstream and 20Mb upstream.

What is VDSL2?

VDSL2 from Complete IP Solutions is exceptionally fast business broadband. Using fibre from the local exchange to the BT cabinet in the street (FTTC), VDSL2 provides bandwidths of up to 80Mb downstream – ten times faster than ADSL Max. Upload speeds of up to 20Mb are available on our circuits.

As fibre is used to the local cabinet this should also extend the ‘reach’ of VDSL2, meaning greater coverage for businesses currently restricted by distance limitations on ADSL. Also due to the connection from the cabinet using fibre to the network this in turn makes FTTC a more stable and reliable platform than traditional copper services.

Where is VDSL2 available?

VDSL2 is available where BT has enabled Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) at the customer’s required location. At present there are approximately 750 exchanges within the UK that have been enabled, with more coming online every day.

Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) is also available but this coverage is greatly reduced from the FTTC product but is able to provide speeds of up to 110Mb, contact us and we can do the required checking as to whether it is available now and potential for when you may be able to get the service.


Why use VDSL2?

  • VDSL2 provides the best possible speed that the line will support. Up to 80Mb downstream
  • Increase in upstream with up to 20Mb (compared to ADSL Max 800Kb & ADSL 2+ 1.2Mb)
  • Run more bandwidth hungry applications
  • Excellent for VoIP, VPN and SIP

VDSL2 Benefits

  • Static IP addresses included as standard
  • Fully managed solutions available including VPN & Firewall configuration
  • UK based telephone support
  • Choice of supported hardware options.

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