PowerNet Premium

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World Class Internet

PowerNet Premium ensures you have the capacity in place to cater for theever-increasing demands of bandwidth-hungry services and cloud applications.


PowerNet Premium gives you:

  • Low latency, next-generation connectivity running over our 100Gbps network
  • Future-proof connection provides all the bandwidth you need for today and tomorrow at a fixed monthly price
  • Full IPv6 compliance ensuring you remain connected to the whole Internet when IPv4 addresses run out
  • Easy deployment with our industry-leading provisioning service.

Not all fibre-based Internet connections you see advertised are true fibre services. Some even have traditional copper connections as the access connection in to your building.  Despite the claims, such services are not symmetrical and you end up sharing a contended connection with other businesses and consumers in your area.


Complete IP Solutions PowerNet Premium provides business grade, end-to-end fibre from your premises all the way to our core network. This means you receive non-contended, ultra-fast, symmetrical and fully scalable connectivity.

You can use this not only for your business Internet, but also for all the critical services your company needs – both now, and in future. This is because one connection from us provides you with a stepping-stone to our next-generation network.

PowerNet Premium is available in different packages to suit different company requirements:

…or our very latest PowerNet Premium package created specifically to cater for the growing demand of cloud-based services & application delivery:

1Gbps over 1Gbps for set monthly fee.  Contact us to check options.

Delivered over a fibre-optic connection, PowerNet Premium scales up the full capacity of your connection, meaning it can continue to serve your needs as your organisation grows, giving you the peace of mind that demands of the future can be catered for without further connectivity investment.


 The PowerNet difference

 PowerNet is truly unique because it allows you to choose from a suite of complimentary value added services specific to your company’s own requirements.*

You can choose one of the following complimentary services:

  • 1 x secure VLAN for VoIP and 1 x secure VLAN to another service of your choice, or:
  • PowerStore – our enterprise-class instant access cloud-based storage solution, or:
  • Upgrade to PowerNetplus – Application Visibility & Control from the cloud. Such functionality is only available as a cloud based service from Complete IP Solutions
  • Further peace of mind with a DSL backup connection for resilience
  • Speedy delivery with a temporary DSL connection until the fibre circuit is installed.


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PowerNet Value
  • 80MB
  • Static IP
  • Free Installation
SMB Special
  • Phone Line
  • Free UK Calls
  • Broadband
SMB VoIP Value
  • UK/NonGeo number
  • Voicemail
  • Call Forwarding
  • RSS News