Solutions from Complete IP Solutions are able to live as stand alone should they be required to, however the real benefit is realised when the services are combined into an integrated solution.

Leveraging our experience in different markets means that you can achieve a true value for money offer. We are happy to help Start ups who are looking for a minimum entry and aren’t sure what they need to get them going. Special bundles available.

Although we have all worked on and delivered very large projects we are not precious about past, and all of our clients no matter their size expect and recieve the same courteous, professional and expert attention the deserve.

So whether you need to look at the least cost option or discover productivity gains to help the bottom line then let Complete IP Solutions guide you through the maize and deliver those benefits.




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PowerNet Value
  • 80MB
  • Static IP
  • Free Installation
SMB Special
  • Phone Line
  • Free UK Calls
  • Broadband
SMB VoIP Value
  • UK/NonGeo number
  • Voicemail
  • Call Forwarding
  • RSS News