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Along with our Hosted Voice services we also supply SIP trunks for clients wishing to retain their customer premises equipment. SIP trunks are effectively ISDN replacements over IP (the Internet) helping to increase functionality and reduce direct cost.

What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over IP) enables you to make telephone calls via your Internet connection. Our VoIP service is highly adaptable and has been specifically designed to assist from single user environments through to large business .

What features are included?

Each VoIP account includes a minimum of the following features:

Web-based VoIP User Portal

This simple to use yet comprehensive portal enables you to manage your VoIP account online. All call features can be edited via the portal and all changes made to the system are updated immediately. A User Portal Handbook is available providing comprehensive help.

UK geographical (01/02 number) / non geographical (0845) number

Each VoIP account includes one UK geographical (01/02) or non geographical (0845) number. You can choose an area code and telephone number at the point of sign up.


One voicemail is included with each VoIP account. You can retrieve voicemail from your phone, by email (voicemail will be delivered to a designated email address as a WAV file) or from the VoIP User Portal where you can listen to and download the voicemail file.

Call forwarding

You can forward incoming calls to a different telephone number via the User Portal. A standard VoIP call charge applies when a call is forwarded to a chargeable outgoing telephone number.

Caller ID withheld & anonymous call rejection

You can choose to hide your VoIP telephone number for outgoing calls ensuring the recipient of the call does not see your VoIP telephone number. You can also choose to reject all calls received without any CLI presentation.

Black list/ White list

A black list is a call screening facility that allows you to block unwanted incoming calls. An incoming call from a number on your black list will be blocked or diverted to voicemail. A white list is an advanced Do-Not-Disturb feature. If the white list is activated and has no numbers entered it will block all incoming numbers. If a telephone number is added to the white list the system will allow calls from that specific number through.


If an SMS is sent to your VoIP number your phone will ring and the message will be played back to you. You can also send SMS messages to mobile numbers via the VoIP User Portal. Please note this is a chargeable service.

Tariff checker

You can check the tariff for a destination before you place the call by entering the number into the tariff checker on the VoIP User Portal.

Real-time call data

All call information is available within the ‘Call History’ section of the VoIP User Portal in real time for information and monitoring purposes.

All of our VoIP services are fully supported with UK based comprehensive technical support.

  Features VoIP Express VoIP SME
GeoUK(01/02) or non geo (0845) number 1 1
Voicemail 1 1
Trunks* (simultaneous calls) 1 2
Extension numbers N/A 1
Auto attendant – single level N/A 1
Hunt group N/A 1
Queue N/A 1
Call transfer N/A Yes
Call pickup N/A Yes
3-way calling N/A Yes
Extension level dialling N/A Yes
Call recording N/A Yes
Follow me N/A Yes
Call screening (black/white lists) Yes N/A
SMS text message Yes N/A
Call forwarding Yes Yes
Caller ID display Yes Yes
Outgoing call CLI options Yes Yes
Real-time call report Yes Yes

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